Survival Tour

Amazon Green Tours, an agency specializing in adventure and expedition deep into the Amazon Jungle with experienced guides for this type of activity.

We organize packages 3 / 4 up to 10 days in the jungle or accommodation with locals or in the Rustic Lodge.

We do other activities such as piranha fishing, bird watching and pink and grey dolphins and alligator spotting, before the excursion goes to the Amazon jungle, with two guides who are specialized in this kind of adventure a bilingual guide and a native of loca areas, the ride is very dependent on time of year when low water and high water, and made this trip in the southern areas of Manaus, Tracajá, Juma and Tucuma and that a remote area where there is no settlement in the area.

The activity is per night in the jungle with mosquito net and hike through the jungle for three or four days, eating what is in the Forest, such as palm fruit or brown and harpoon fishing with net and walked at night to search anima abita only nocturnal walking during the day as an explanation of fauna and flora and medicinal plants, where you can also learn about the lives of primates and insects, canoeing on the streams and permanently flooded to explore and enjoy the different areas, canoeing Safary night, always with two guides to all your safety comes first with Amazon Green Tours.

In the package which includes a night at the hotel, all food in the jungle mineral water and bilingual native guides, mosquito nets equipment, camouflage shirts, all activities in the jungle overnight at lodge or at local houses.

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